Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Billy

If you don't like Billy Williams, then I'll see you on Flick Friday! Today's and tomorrow's posts are of some recent Sweet Swinging Billy pick ups.

This autographed card is from a three card set put out by Big League Chew in 1997 and the Major League Baseball Players Alumni. With no MLB license, the team logos have been removed from the card.

Back in 1997, the cards were obtained via a mail in offer from Big League Chew gum. I'm not sure how much gum you had to go through to get the card, but it's a pretty nice way to get a HOFer's autograph. I wonder how many of these Billy had to sign?

The card also came with a certificate of authenticity. That seems like a nice touch. In addition to Billy, the other two players on the checklist are Juan Marichal and Brooks Robinson.

When I first saw the listing for the card, I added it to my watch list out of curiosity. I've already got a couple of Billy's autographs, so I didn't really need another one. The opening bid was $4.99 and with less than an hour to go, there were no bids. I figured I'd try for it; five bucks for an autograph with a COA seemed like a good deal. I ended up being the only bidder.

Seems like a nice pick up for the Williams' collection at a bargain price.


  1. That's a steal. It's actually nice looking and you can't beat the large on card signature.

  2. Very nice Paul. And at an unbeatable price too!!