Monday, February 27, 2012


I appreciate the comments on Thursday regarding my graded T206 Evers. I thought it over, and I had to go ahead and crack it.


I actually had a couple reasons. First, as I said on Thursday, I like to be able to hold my cards, and if its slabbed, I can't. But I also wanted to be able to have a decent, consistent looking display. Having different slabs wouldn't look as nice as what I had in mind. It was fairly simple to crack the cards out, and since the holder is oversized for a T206, I didn't have to worry about damaging the card.

I still wanted to keep the card protected, so this is what I did:

I got several of these matching screw down holders. I really like the look of the two relics (yes, I got another....the new one if from the 2002 version of T206) surrounding the T206.

So now I can touch the card, but keep it safe.

I have a matching display on the shelf.
And I've got more holders and room on the shelf for more cards.


  1. I must say, I agree with you decision. Those look great!

  2. That's a good move - those look great together!


  3. They do look great together. Now you've just got to find the Evers mini from the 2002 T206 set.

  4. My only did you get it open without causing harm to the cardboard treasure inside?

  5. I used a pair of pliers to crack off the edges. Once tha was done, I could pry the two pieces apart. The card was safe because it was so far away from the edges of the holder.