Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Topps 2012 Cubs Inserts

The good news: there were nine regular insert cards that featured a Cub. That's one more card than the eight in the base set.

The bad news: Only four players were on the nine cards.

I'll show the cards by players:

Mr. Cub showed up on two....

The Gold Standard, which celebrates Ernie's 500th career homer

and Timeless Talent. So will Troy Tulowitzki end up "Mr. Rockie"?

The Hawk also got two...

Golden Moment, May 8, 1990, when he tied the game with a home run in the bottom of the ninth and then won the game with a walk-off blast in the 11th.

Timeless Talents, paired up with Justin Upton

Ryno showed up in same sets as Dawson

Golden Moment, August 28, 1990, when he became the first second baseman in MLB history to have back-to-back 30 HR seasons.

Timeless Talents, with Dan Uggla

Starlin Castro was the only current Cub in any insert set, and he showed up in three...

the 1987 Minis. I know a lot of collectors are going crazy over these, but I actually preferred the Kimballs minis from last year. I'm content to wait until Heritage 2036 for 1987-styled cards.

Timeless Talents, paired up with Luis Aparicio of the White Sox

and Gold Futures

Notice that I didn't have any autograph, relic, or patch cards. I'm really trying to stay away from them this year. If I grab any of these, it will be the Sandberg ring and Sandberg stitches cards. And those would be for the player collection. Last year I tried to stay away, but ended up getting all the relics. This year, so far so good with staying on the wagon.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at the 2012 series one complete set.

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