Sunday, January 20, 2013

1976 Diamond Jubilee Banks

I picked up this card last week for a buck...a real nice deal.

It's from the Laughlin Diamond Jubilee set issued in 1976.  The set commemorates memorable moments from each major league city as voted by the media in that city.  The Cub's entry was Mr. Cub's 500th homer on May 12, 1970.

The card is not the usual size, but a little bigger; measuring 2 3/4" x 4".  The corners on my card are nice and sharp.

The set was put out by a familiar name in sports cards in the '70s--Robert Laughlin.  He is the same artist that drew the Fleer World Series cards from 1970 and 1971. This set, though, was not put out by Fleer.  Instead it was one of many he self-produced in the mid-Seventies.

Laughlin Sets
1972-Great Feats
1973-Super Stand-Ups
1974-All-Star Games
1975-Old Time Black Stars
1975-Batty Baseball
1976-Diamond Jubilee
1976-Indianapolis Clowns
1978-Long Ago Black Stars
1980-Famous Feats

This card of Ernie is the only time a player I collect showed up on any Laughlin checklist.  He also has a card in the 300/400/500 set.  There are other Cubs are some of these too, so I may have to put together a Cubs set of these some day.

Anyone else have any of these in your collection?

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  1. Great pick up sounds like a good set to build good luck.

    This is some of what I have
    1972 Laughlin Great Feats #39 - Fred Toney / Hippo Vaughn red and blue