Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Trade With Underdog

I recently completed a trade with Zach at The Underdog Card Collector.  His is a fairly new blog.  If you aren't acquainted with him yet, you should check it out.  He's a Padre fan/collector, but I was able to overlook that fact (I'm still not over the 1984 NLCS!) and we swapped some cards.

I sent all of my Padre seconds from 1972, 1973 and 1974 his way, and a nice Cubbie stack came to me, including....

...a couple nice Upper Deck Signature Stars cards from 2009

...a bunch of 2002 Topps

.....Shammy Sosa United We Stand from 2002

...and a couple from the first year I really collected, 1969.

The cards that I've already got will be going into the baseball card box in my classroom.  My students get to pick cards from the box if they do well on various assignments.  The rest get added to my collection and spreadsheet.

Thanks Zach!!


  1. Must be either the scan or the lighting - that brim on the Holtzman looks a lighter color than the cap. Or maybe I need more sleep.

    1. The brim and cap are definitely different colors on the card. Never noticed that before.

  2. Awesome, I'm glad they arrived, Wrigley!

    Yours showed up here today and you can bet you'll see a post full of excitement and gratitude soon.

    Many thanks and I hope your students do in fact enjoy those you won't need for your collection!

    More on the way, soon, to be sure!