Saturday, January 19, 2013

Darwin Barney Just Minors Dual Autograph

I picked up another card for the Darwin Barney collection

...this dual signature card from Just Minors.  The card came out in 2008 and features a couple of the Cubs prospects, Tyler Colvin and Barney.

In 2008, Colvin was already on the fast track to the majors while Barney was just beginning his second year of pro ball.  I'm sure in 2008 this card would have been called the Colvin card.  By 2010 Colvin was the Cubs right fielder for years to come.  Then he tanked in 2011 and was a Rockie in 2012.

Barney took the slow, steady route to Wrigley.  Drafted in 2007, he pretty much moved up a rung of the minors per year until making the Cubs in August, 2010.  He didn't tank his second season like Colvin, and he'll be back for a third (and hopefully more) season in 2013.

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