Thursday, January 10, 2013

Batter Up Billy

Panini keeps cranking out the unlicensed sets and their latest is called Golden Age.  It's their attempt at a Ginter-type set.

The base set has 146 cards.  Included in the checklist are baseball greats like Ty Cobb and Willie McCovey.  Some of the non-baseball personalities are Franklin Roosevelt and Mary Ann and the Professor.  And the total number of Cubs: Zip!!  That hurts!  Moe Howard gets a card, Ernie Banks doesn't.

The set also has a number of inserts.  There is the Ferguson Bakery Pennant set (48 cards) Cubs.  The Headlines set has 15 cards...and no Cubs.  Can Historic Signatures fit one Cub into the 50 card set?  Nope.  Historic Cut Signatures (10 cards)?  No.  Museum Age Memorabilia (40 cards)?  You guessed Cubs.  Newark Evening World Supplement (25 cards)?  Of course not.

Do the math...146+48+15+50+10+40+25=328 cards..and no Cubs!

The only place you'll find a Cub in the entire product line is the Batter Up insert.  One Cub made the 25 card checklist.  Lucky for me it was my favorite, Billy Williams.

Behold, the only Cub among 353 cards!

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