Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tile Tuesday: Star Sandberg

With my quest to finish the Star Cubs finally completed, I thought I'd use some of the cards for a tile.  After looking through the binder (the completed binder...yes!!), I decided to make up a tile with all of the Ryne Sandberg cards.

The folks at Star really liked Ryno because they included him in 19 different sets.  Two of the sets were the 11-card variety, and I've got them on the top of the tile, eleven cards per row.  The other 17 sets had nine cards, so I adjusted the tile to show nine per row.

There are a total of 175 cards and there are maybe ten cards that used a repeated picture.  For that, Star should get some credit.

Take a look and enjoy Ryne Sandberg x 175

In case you're wondering, from top to bottom the Star sets are...
1990 Star
1992 Star
1989 Star Nova
1990 Star Gold
1990 Star Nova
1990 Star Platinum
1991 Star All Star
1991 Star Gold
1991 Star Home Run
1991 Star Millennium
1991 Star Nova
1991 Star Silver
1991 Star Stellar
1992 Star Gold
1992 Star Millennium
1992 Star Nova
1992 Star Platinum
1992 Star Silver
1992 Star Stellar