Friday, January 4, 2013

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Cubs

The first Legendary Cuts set was released in 2001.  For seven years the set was made up of hall of famers and other great retired players.  That makes sense in a set called Legendary Cuts; you know, legendary players.

In 2008 the set Jumped the Shark.

For the first time, the set included active players.  Sorry, but Carlos Zambrano is not legendary. Psycho, yes; legendary, no.  And even worse, the active players made up the 100 card base set while the actual legendary players were short-printed.  Jumping the shark even more, Upper Deck went all Allen and Gintery by making the first 46 short prints non-baseball players.  You want a Claude Monet or Richard Nixon--then we've got the set for you.

The sad part is I really like the design of the cards.  Too bad I end up with Alfonso Soriano along side Billy Williams.

Four Cubs were included in the active player base set:

Four more Legendary Cuts regulars were in the SPs, actual Legendary players


  1. Nice design and I agree with you. Legendary sets should consist of legendary players. I kind of had the same problem with 2012 Archives.


  2. I like the design and can't argue with the legends.