Saturday, January 5, 2013

Added A Jacque Jones Jersey Card*

Notice the asterisk in the title?  Here is why it's there:

My goal with the relics is to add a card for each Cub player that had one issued during his time with the Cubs.  I'm getting close to being finished, and I saw that Jacque Jones had an Upper Deck jersey card in 2008.

Then I looked at the card---and faced a decision...

....Even though he already had two years in Chicago under his belt, Upper Deck decided to ignore that and pretend he still played for the Twins.  The two pictures on the front show his in a Twins uniform.  The jersey piece is from a Twins uniform.  But he was now on the Cubs, hence the Cubs logo.

What a mish-mashed mess.

I dug around some more and found a few jersey cards from 2006-his first year with the Cubs...and

...same thing.  Both Upper Deck and Fleer had the Cubs name or logo on the card, but showed him as a Twin.

So what do I do?  Four different relics from his time with the Cubs, featuring a Cubs logo/name, but Twins pictures and pieces?

I bought the cheapest one I could get...$3.40 delivered...

....Jacque Jones* of the Minnesotago Cubwins.

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  1. Yeah, that's a tough one as a team collector. As for myself, I only like it if the uni they are wearing is Cubs even if it has a different team logo. I have a Patterson auto/jersey that shows him as a Cub, but has the Orioles logo.