Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Upper Deck Decade 1970s Cubs

I had a couple brain cramps with my Cubs from Upper Deck's Decade 1970s set, released in 2001.  First, I put this set together a couple summers ago, and thought I had a post about it then.  I didn't--brain cramp #1.

Then, a couple weeks ago I realized I didn't have the set completely finished when I saw a card from an insert set on ebay---brain cramp #2.

The set is now complete and the post is going up today; my cramps are gone.

First, a little about the set.  The 180 cards feature all the big stars from the 70s.  The first 90 cards were the base cards of the players.  The other 90 were various subsets (Rookie Flashbacks, Decade Dateline, and Award Winners).

The design of the base card is a ripoff of Topps 1975.  Interesting that Upper Deck decided to celebrate the 70s by giving Topps a nod of their cap---or else by blatantly ripping them off.

Four Cubs were in the first 90 cards...


The Madlock card is my favorite--it looks like the 70's.  The Santo card is my least favorite since it's got a picture from the late '60s on it (not something I want to see in a 70s set!).

As far as the subsets go, a few more Cubs showed up.


Fergie Jenkins and Bruce Sutter were Award Winners, both winning Cy Young Awards.  These cards borrow the Topps '74 design.

Three Cubs made the Decade Datelines.  These cards have a Topps '72 feel to them.



Billy made it twice (1,117 consecutive games streak and first batting title).  Madlock's card was for his first batting title in 1975 and Dave Kingman was included for hitting three homer in my all-time favorite game.

In addition to the base set, there were also several insert sets and two Cubs were included.

Dave Kingman was a bellbottomed basher.

This card is the one I just recently found, Fergie's Arms Race card.  Upper Deck really liked this picture since they used it...


...on three different cards in the set.


  1. My want list for this set will be going up tonight.

    1. Sorry, but I only bought these nothing else to send you.

  2. I recently got this Santo bat card pretty cool set

    2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's Game Bat #BRS Ron Santo

  3. That card looks much nicer than the base card.