Monday, January 7, 2013

2009 SP Legendary Cuts Cubs...The End

The craziness the was 2008 Legendary Cuts continued the final year of 2009.  The set size remained the same: 100 cards of current players and 100 more cards, short prints, of actually Legendary players plus some historical figures.  Bummed that Martin Van Buren didn't make the 2008 checklist?  Be bummed no more--he made the cut in 2009.

The cards feature a postage stamp design.  It was fine, I suppose.  But they also have a variety of color shades; not fine.  Ever wonder what Derrek Lee would look like if he played for the Reds?

Here you go.

What about Geovany Soto on the Rockies?

Would have looked like this.




There were six other active Cubs in the set.

The Cubs got gypped on the legends list, with only two.  For the only time in the brand's run, Ernie Banks was left out.  The short-printed legends were numbered to 550 (which is an unusual number).


The set in this form ended when Upper Deck lost it's MLB license after the 2009 season.  It has come back as a high-priced set .  The cards have no picture but a large cut signature.  Who wants to drop $175 for a one card box?  Not me.

So I guess I'm done with SP Legendary Cuts.

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