Monday, January 28, 2013

Topps Tribute 2005 Andre Dawson

I picked this up from the same seller that sold me the Ernie Banks Diamond Jubilee card.  I figured I might as well spread the shipping cost around a bit. My Andre Dawson player collection is fairly light, so when I saw he had this, I went ahead and grabbed it.

2002 Topps Tribute was a fairly pricey set.  Most common singles today go for at least $1.50 - $2.00.  I was able to get this for 99¢

You'll notice a big 500 on the bottom of the card.  In baseball, the number 500 is most closely identified with 500 career homers.  But Dawson didn't come close to 500 homers.  For him, the 500 stands for 500 career doubles.  He finished his career with 503 two-baggers, good for 55th on the all-time list.  That doesn't sound all that impressive.  When the card came out in 2002, he was in the Top 40--still not too impressive, but better that 55th.


  1. 500 career doubles, huh? First seeing 500, I was definitely thinking HR's, but there it is, "career doubles."
    Great looking card for such a seemingly odd title. ; )

  2. Regardless of the theme, still a fantastic looking baseball card!