Monday, February 10, 2014

2013 Barney OYO

....still waiting for my big shipment of 2014 cards, though tracking shows that they should arrive today!

For the second straight year, in 2013 OYO Sportstoys has released mini figures of MLB players.  They are, as the box says, "compatible with most name brand building toys."  Translated, that means these are LEGO compatible.

I'm not a Lego collector, but I am a Darwin Barney collector.  I picked up his 2012 figure and went ahead and grabbed the 2013 version, too.

Barney is one of nine Cubs that OYO created.  You can also see that they've got three listed as Traded.  Actually, the Traded label belongs on David DeJesus and Carlos Marmol, too.  That leaves just four of the nine still with the Cubs.

The figures come in a little box with the player, a bat, mitt, and ball.  You can see that the Cubs are in their alternate uniforms.  Last year OYO had them in the home pinstripes.


Here is a closeup of the front and back of mini-Barney.  Cudos to OYO for duplicating the number font correctly.  That's a nice touch.  If OYO puts out more figures in 2014, I hope that they use the road grays.  Then I'll have a complete uni set for Darwin Barney.

Any other player collectors out there pick one of these up?


  1. I'd totally pick one up if they made a Sandberg or Kerry Wood. I was a huge Lego kid back in the day.

  2. I haven't picked up the Mark Teixeria or any Yankees yet. I am eyeballing them though.