Monday, February 17, 2014

My Favorite 2014 Insert

As usual, Topps has loaded the flagship with inserts.  Excluding the relic/auto cards, Cubs players were in about half of the sets:  Power Players, Before They Were Great, Upper Class, 1989 Die Cut Minis, Manufactured Commemorative Patches, Rookie Patch, and Framed Top 25 Rookie.

I've already shown the Power Players, 1989 Die Cut Minis, and the Manufactured Commemorative Patches.  Over the next couple days I show the rest.

Today, I've got my favorite of the bunch...

....the Framed Top 25 Rookie Card of Ernie Banks.  Mine is the black frame, which is /199.  There is also a silver (/99) and gold (/25) version of the card.  I'm happy with just the one.

The card isn't cardboard, its metal.  It's actually heavy for a baseball card.  My postal scale has is at 1.2 ounces.  That is the same weight as sixteen regular cards.  It is very solid.  That's one thing that I really like about it.

The metal finish on the card is also very nice.  I would think that is someone put together the entire 25 card set, it would make an awesome looking display.

I don't have the cash to get the entire set, but I can borrow some images from Ebay for free.  Here are all 25 cards.

They are all the /199 black version.

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  1. Metal, huh? That sounds pretty cool. Quite a selection of reprints there, although I'm a little surprised Topps went with Posey over Strasburg if they were going to take a 2010 card.