Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Anthony Rizzo Manufactured Patch

This card wasn't on my original list of 2014 Cubs to Get.  For the most part I've stayed away from the manupatches since 2011. In 2010 there were a crazy-high 13 Cubs in the hat patch set.  In 2011 the Cubs number shrunk to four, but that was about twice as many as I was interested in.  The past couple years I've got a patch card for only players in my player collection.

I decided to break that rule this year for a simple reason....the Rizzo card was the only Cub among the manupatches.  One card I can handle.

As you can see, the patch is a Wrigley Field patch.  That makes sense with all the 100th birthday celebrating going on this season.  It's too bad that Topps didn't use the actual Wrigley 100 logo, which the Cubs will be wearing on their home uniforms this season...

...or even better, this one...

....which has a very slight addition.  I saw this at Uniwatch.  A reader tweaked the Cubs design by adding a whale to the bottom left side.  The whale is a nod to the team that built the ballpark, the Chicago Whales of the Federal League.  Without the Whales, there is no Weeghman Park...Cubs Park...Wrigley Field.

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  1. Saw that tweaked logo at UniWatch too. I agree - that is a nice nod to the Whales.