Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Total Inserts

Though Topps Total was a low-frills set, it did have a few inserts.  By my count, there were 16 Cubs cards among the basic inserts.  I've got them all.

Team Checklists: Total had the unique two-number system for cards, a set number and a team set number.  It was a pretty nice idea.  And if that wasn't enough for team collectors, they also had an insert of team checklists.


The front of the card was identical to the player's card....



....the checklist was on the back.
The Cubs checklists were Sammy Sosa (2002, 2003), Mark Prior (2004) and Kerry Wood (2005).

The rest of the Total inserts were the shiny types.

Total Topps  This was the superstar insert set and was the easiest to hit.  For the first three years there were 50 cards but the set was scaled down to only 20 in 2005.




Six Cubs were included, 2002 - Alou, Sosa, and Wood; 2003 and 2004 - Sosa; 2005 - Maddux

Award Winners  These cards featured....Award Winners!  This set was in all four years of Total and always had 30 cards.


Sammy Sosa had cards in the 2002 and 2003 set...his award was the Silver Slugger

Production  This set was the smallest of the Total inserts (ten cards each year) and was the hardest to pull.


Sammy Sosa was included from 2002 - 2004.

Domination  This was found only in the last year of 2005.  There were 30 cards that fell 1:10 packs.  The weird thing is you don't see any "Domination" heading on the card.  In fact, the card is identical to the base except that its chrome instead of cardboard.

Mark Prior was the only dominating Cub in 2005.

And that wraps up Topps Total.  Between the base cards and the inserts, I've added 137 cards to the collection.  Total was probably the biggest (based on the number of cards) hole in my filled.

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  1. Nice job! I have picked up about half of the 137 cards through bulk lots or trades, but at this point it might be more cost efficient to just buy the team sets.