Monday, February 24, 2014

My Two Cents on Topps 2014

I've had my complete set of Series One for a week or so, and now I'm going to toss out my two cents on the set:

The Design:
I've got no problem with it.  There isn't anything obnoxious.  In fact, it's kinda the opposite.  There isn't anything that really stands out.  The picture on the card is really the focus...the way it should be.  My only real complaint is that the team name is in a small font, though having a team logo helps to make that a lesser concern.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again....the design of a Topps card won't keep me from buying cards or make me buy more.  I am a baseball card collector.  I buy a complete set each year.  If I'm not excited by the look of the cards, in twelve months I'll have something new to look at.  I've also found that over time, I tend to forget about the design and I correlate the cards with the season.  Boring gray border...that's 1970.  Funky psychedelic...1972.

The Numbering
After a one year experiment of matching card numbers with uniform numbers, Topps has gone back to using the -00, -0, and -5 system...really good guys end -00, other big names end with a -0 or -5.  And if your cards ends with anything else, keep trying.  I'm happy with the return to normalcy.

Vertical and Horizontal Cards
For me, baseball cards fit in your hand and you thumb through the stack to look at the cards.  The best layout for this is with a vertical picture.  Though a majority of the 2014 cards are vertical, there are still horizontal cards in the set.  The cards look nice enough, but they just don't fit nicely in my hand.  Dump the horizontal cards please.

Throwback Uniforms
Teams continue to wear throwback uniforms and Topps has included several cards with players in the throwbacks.  This is good!  I counted 17 cards with throwbacks.

The Name
I don't know if anyone has come up with a name for the set yet, but I've got my nomination...

...the file folder set.


  1. Agreed get rid of the horizontal. I think they look goofy in the binder as well. I would like to see a subset of throwbacks. Much better idea for a subset rather than one more parallel.

  2. It's no secret that I love the horizontal cards. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I collect autographs, too and they're not as crammed on them.

    On the other hand, I can see how they would be annoying to someone who binders their sets. But don't get rid of them!