Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Topps 2014 Series One Cubs

My package from Brentandbecca has arrived!

My 2014 Topps Cubs are in hand.

Cubs pitchers and catchers report on Friday.

The outside temperature might actually get above freezing.

All is well with the world!

Well, maybe that's all a little over the top, but I am happy to have the 2014 cards in hand.

Nine Cubs are on the Series One checklist, and that puts them in the middle of the pack as far as players are concerned.  Its a 50% improvement over the six last year.


I'll start with the two players that are shown in the 1909 throwbacks that the Cubs wore in Seattle last year.

This is the only horizontal Cubs card.  I've never been a fan of the horizontal cards.  I like holding the cards in my hand.  The vertical cards fit perfectly; the horizontal cards seem awkward.


Two more outfielders made the list.  Lake must not trust his teammates....that's his arm pad and the rest of you need to keep your paws away.

Here is the best facial hair in the majors.  If only I could say that about his arm instead of his whiskers.


Two of the big names (or as big as they get for the Cubs right now) are up next.  Rizzo needs to have a much better season this year.  Spellcheck got a big salary bump; he's up to $5.3 million this year.

Navarro is the only one of the nine no longer with the team.  He was a free agent and signed with the Blue Jays.

After a couple years as the Topps Cubs golden boy, Starlin Castro didn't make the list and he didn't even show up in any of the inserts. I'm hoping he can get his head on straight and have a bounce-back year.

And there you have the base Cubs.  I've also picked up some of the inserts, and I'll have those scanned for tomorrow.

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  1. Nice to see that Topps finally added WAR to the traditional statistics on the card backs this year.