Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All the 2014 Throwbacks

For yesterday's post, I went through Series One and counted up all of the cards with pictures of players in throwback uniforms. I showed only one card with the post, and that was bothering me a little. So I fired up the scanner and today I've got all 18.



The Pirates were the winner with four cards. They are wearing pullover uniforms worn by the 1971 Pirates. They wore these at home for Sunday games. The last two cards point out a little laziness--they used their regular helmets. Too bad the team didn't pop for some mustard helmets, especially since the unis would be worn several times.


The White Sox wore their 1983 uniforms each Sunday at home. They did the helmet the right way.

Two cards show two different Angel retro uniforms. The uniform on the left was a 1970s/80s model while the one on the right is from their early days in the 1960s.


The Cubs wore these in Seattle when the Mariners held a turn back the clock game to 1909. Two Cubs cards made the set, but no Mariners were shown in their 1909 duds.


The A's threw back to 1969 last season on July 27. Nice to see that they included the centennial patch and that they wore stirrups.


The last five cards are from four different teams. The Brewers wear the ball in glove each Friday. The Tigers wore the uniform of the Detroit Stars for the 19th Annual Negro League Tribute Game on April 27. Their opponent was the Braves, who wore the uniform of the Atlanta Black Crackers. The Indians wore the road uniforms of the 1902 Cleveland Bronchos at home on July 13. The picture was a good choice for Chisenhall--he had just hit a grand slam. EDIT: Thanks for the heads-up from JediJeff...I missed the Chapman card...the Reds and Pirates threwback on June 1

The Cubs are going to wear nine different throwbacks at home during the 2014 season. I home a bunch make it into the 2015 Topps set.



  1. You missed one for sure. Chapman's #77 is a throwback from the Heritage weekend against the Pirates:


    There are also three Cardinals featured in the "St. Louis" alts (44, 62 & 329). These alts are based on a lot of uniforms from the 40s and 50s, so I put them in my throwback binder. I don't have the full set of 2104, so there could be others sporting that uniform.

  2. The Pirates breifly wore the pull over, double knit jersey with the black batting helmets in 1970.


  3. … and no Padres throwbacks. Very disappointing.
    Love those throwback Sox uniforms, though.