Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 Topps Darwin Barney Rainbow

My 2014 Topps Darwin Barney rainbow is off to a nice start.  By my count there are 14 different versions of the card out there.

I've got eleven of the fourteen....base, Power Players, Red Hot Foil, black, camo, gold, red, blue, purple, yellow, and green.

I'm still missing are the platinum (1/1), clear (/10), and pink (/50).  There's a good reason that these are missing, too.  Not a single one of them has been listed on Ebay.  I'm not expecting to see the platinum, but it's very surprising to me that the clear and pink have been completely unseen.  I check Sportlots, Beckett Marketplace, and COMC, and have yet to see any on those sites either.

It's been a couple weeks since the release date and several big case breakers have done their thing.  At least one or two of the clear and pink should have shown up.  I wonder where they are?

Edit: A pink version showed up on Ebay last night....everyone stay away...I want it!!!


  1. That's a good start. Although it does show how the camo parallel just doesn't seem to fit in.

  2. Dang - that is an amazing start so quickly after the release! And if that purple doesn't make the cards look like Bowman, nothing will.

  3. On your recommendation, I pulled the trigger on the Andrew Cashner clear/10 card that I had been mulling over - after contacting the seller and mustering all the charm I could to get it down to $18 shipped. Down to needing the pink and base cards (I'll just forget about the platinum, though printing plates would be a bonus). Are there silk ones of these to track down as well?

    1. There are just 100 silk cards....and Barney and Cashner aren't on the list.