Thursday, February 6, 2014

Topps 2014 Mini Die Cut Cubs

I'm still waiting for my big shipment of 2014 cards, but the inserts are dribbling in.

Today I've got the 1989 Mini Die Cut cards.  I wasn't planning to get these because I had been told that they were not going to be easy to find and would be pricey. That doesn't seem to be the case.

The two Cubs on the checklist were easy to find and cheap too.  I paid $3 including shipping for the two cards.

I've got no idea why Topps decided to make these.  The 1989 set was nothing special, coming out smack dab in the junk wax era.  I do like the die cut, just because its something different.

The two Cubs on the checklist are both hall of famers.


Up first is Mr. Cub.  The picture has been used before, most recently in...

....last year's "The Greats" insert.

Something else about the picture seemed familiar.  I went back and looks at the Topps cards from Ernie's playing days and found that...


...the picture comes from the same photo shoot as the picture on his 1967 card.  Both pictures are from Shea Stadium, he's wearing the same blue sweatshirt, and the writing on the bat knob is identical.

The other Cubs card belongs to...

Andre Dawson.  How about the necklace...Hawk!

Dawson has a card in the 1989 set, so we can take a good look at the two side by side.

Topps pretty much nailed the design on the die cuts, though it was a pretty easy pattern to copy.  Both cards have a happy Dawson.  He was an intense player during the game, but he seems pretty easy-going the rest of the time.

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