Thursday, February 20, 2014

'54 Ernie...The Real One and All the Variations

One of the cornerstones of my collection is this card,

the 1954 Topps card of Mr. Cub.  It's also one of the most expensive cards in my collection.  Yet I have no regrets with it's purchase....any Cub collector has to eventually add one to his collection.

This isn't the only Banks rookie card I've got, though.

After adding the 2014 Top 25 Rookie Reprint card to my collection, I decided to look back and see how many other reprints and variations of the iconic '54 I own.

I found eleven others.

Some are not reprints, but variations of the '54 card.


On the left is the 2005 Topps All Time Fan Favorites card, while the one on the right is from 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week.  They both borrow the design of the '54 without using the actual pictures.


These are from the game issued and season ticket holder versions that the Cubs gave out last year.

The rest of the '54-type Banks cards in my collection use an exact replica of the original.

This is the oldest, from Baseball Talk in 1989.


The card on the left is from 2001 Topps Archives.  On the right is a card the Cubs gave away during the 2002 season,  They each have an added logo, the gold Topps Archives and the Wrigley Field Edition.


In 2010 the Banks rookie was one of Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out.  The card on the left is the 2014 Top 25 Framed Rookie Reprint


And finally, here are the two patch inserts from last year and this year.

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