Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Clear and Pink Have Surfaced

When writing about my Barney rainbow a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that the clear and pink cards had not yet shown up on Ebay. Well, that has changed as both have surfaced. The first to show up was the pink card. In fact, within a day or so of the first one being listed, a second one popped up too. I decided to go after the first, and if I didn't get it, the second was my fallback. Its a good thing there was a fallback. I didn't get the first, but was able to snag the second. Even better, the price I paid was less than the price of the first one. UPSP tracking shows that I should have the card withing the next 3-4 days. I didn't have the same luck with the clear card.

This is the listing. I never saw it while it was active. Two or three times a day I'll do a quick ebay search for "Darwin Barney" to see what new items have been listed. This one never showed up in any of my searches. I'm guessing the card got snapped up pretty quickly after it was listed. I found the listing while searching through sold listings. You can see that the seller listed it with a BIN/BO of $149.99 However, the sale price was much less...


..."only" $85.00.

I really like the look of the clear cards. And I'd like to add one to my collection.

But not at a price of $85.



  1. There is little more annoying than camping on eBay waiting for a rare card to show up, only to eventually find it in the completed listings! I've missed several cards for my Winfield collection because for some reason they never triggered my saved search alert.

  2. You might want to try SearchDome. It will send you instant information on items to your email as soon as it's listed. It's worked for me.

  3. Nice pick up. It is such a good feeling when you can get a card for much cheaper than the Original pricing. Congratulations on finally snagging it.