Saturday, February 22, 2014

Update on the Heritage '12 & '13 Barney SPs

With 2014 Heritage due out in less than two weeks, I thought I'd review the sales status of the Barney SPs from the 2013 and 2012 sets.

The 2012 SP was the no position card, mimicking the error on the 1964 card of Cubs second baseman Ken Hubbs.  The error cards in Heritage are not numbered, so there isn't any good guess as to how rare the card is.  

I've tracked every Ebay sale of the card since March of 2012.  A total of 34 cards have been listed.  None have been re-listed by the buyer.  The average price of the card is $88.46. 

Twenty-six cards were sold the first year after release, and only eight more in the second year.  I guess that means the supply is drying up.  In fact, since October only two have been listed.  The good news would be for anyone interested in buying the card.  The average price of those two cards was only $25.97.  That's a huge drop in price.  In fact, the most recent sale went for the lowest price to date....

...and here is that card!  I already have one for my Barney collection, but with the prices dropping I decided to add one for the team collection, too.


The 2013 SP is one that is available for every 2013 Heritage card, the black back Venezuelan version.  I've been tracking the Barney sales on these, too.

The Venezuelan cards are not numbered, but based on sales figures, I'd have to say they are rarer than the 2012 no position card.  In the year since they came out, only ten have come up on Ebay.  That's far fewer than the 26 of the '12 card.

Yet the price is a major bargain.  The average sale price of the ten cards is only $3.72.  I continue to be amazed at how cheaply they can be bought.  And since they are rare and cheap, I've become addicted to them.  In early February, #10 popped up on Ebay.  It was the first time one was listed since last July.  Yet it sold for only three me!

My black Barney stash now sits at eight.  I know, its a problem.  I just can't seem to stop myself.  And I suppose if any more show up, I'll probably make an attempt at them too.

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  1. Cornering the Barney market I see. :) I love the Venezuelan backs.