Thursday, September 4, 2014

1998 Finest Cubs

Topps returned Finest to normal in 1998.  Gone were the gold, silver, and bronze cards.  All the 1998 cards had equal odds...yay!

The set consists of 275 cards, 150 in series one and 125 in the second series.  The Cubs netted eleven cards, and in another departure from previous Finest sets, the eleven cards were eleven players.  There were no subsets, no more multiple cards for some players. It was one card per player.

The 1998 season was an exciting one for the Cubs.  It was the year of Sammy and rookie Kerry Wood.  The team made the playoffs by winning a one game play-in against the Giants.

When you look at the players on the cards, you may wonder how this group could even come up with a winning record.  Grace, Sosa, and Wood are the only names among them.  Sammy really did carry the team and that's why he was the NL MVP, not Mark McGwire.

Without further ado, here are the 1998 Finest Cubs:






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