Thursday, September 11, 2014

Javier Baez---One, Maybe Two Tool Player

I'm not trying to be mean; the title of the post goes along with yesterday's title.

It's been about a month and a half since the Cubs brought Javier Baez to the major leagues.  He's shown strong power and a decent glove and a real penchant for striking out.

I don't consider that last item to be a tool.

He's got seven home runs and 63 strike outs in 153 plate appearances.  But...

This has been his pattern throughout his professional career.  He has struggled with the average and strikeouts each time he has moved up a level.  So I'm not ready to make any rash judgments yet.  Plus, the guy is only 21 years old.  With the power he has shown I can wait and see.

Isn't that what we Cub fans do...wait and see...for 100+ years!

Prices on his autograph and relic cards have started to drop and that allowed me to pick up one of each.  I can scratch Javier Baez off of both lists.

The autograph cards is a really nice looking card from 2014 Bowman Inception.

The relic card is not the best looking thing, coming from Panini.  As far as I know, this is the only jersey card of his from 2014, which doesn't leave me with any options. I can see myself getting a better relic card some year in the future.

Baez is Cubs #108 for my autograph rule...any player with a certified autograph from a season they played on the Cubs with the card showing them as a Cub.  The relics come in a bit lower than the autographs, with Baez being relic #65.

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  1. I heard management say what you did about his early struggles at each level. Still, it's disappointing. Man, he swings hard!