Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Completed Set Thanks to a Generous Reader!!

Back in July I wrote a post about a near-complete set that I've been trying to finish.  The 1990 Broder Windy City Superstars set has ten cards, but for the longest time I was stuck on nine.  Not only was I stuck, but I couldn't find a checklist that gave me the name of the player who had card #6, the one I was missing.

Thanks to the wonderful WW readers out there, I learned that the missing player was Shawon Dunston.

Now, thanks to a very generous WW reader, I have the missing card!


Reader Kevin emailed me and said that the card was a part of a lot of Cubs card that he had picked up.  He also asked if I wanted it.  My answer....YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He dropped the card in the mail, the USPS did their thing, and now I can scratch this off of my most wanted list.  Thank you Kevin!!

When I was on the hunt for the card I made my own version...

...which isn't too far from the real thing.

And with the 10-card set now complete, here is a look at all of them:




  1. I think I like your version better!

  2. Nice job on the set.

    I may be in the minority here, but I really liked those solid blue tops. I think they looked even better with the long blue sleeves underneath.