Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1999 Finest Cubs

The 1999 Finest set had some of the same features as in 1998 while adding a few new wrinkles (or bringing back wrinkles from the past).  Returning from 1998 were the various subsets....Gems, Sensations, Rookies, Sterling, and Gamers.

New is 1999 were 25 more cards...the set grew from 275 to 300.  It was a two series set, with 150 cards in each series.  But after a year of equal odds for all cards, the 1999 set saw the return of the short print.  Even worse, 50 cards for each series were SPs.  Seems crazy to me to make one third of the set short-printed.  I had five of these to chase down for my Cubs set.

Also after a one year break, multiple cards for players returned in 1999.  The Cubs has twelve cards but only eight players.



These are the players with just one card each.

The multiple card players were exactly who you would expect from the 1999 Cubs




....Grace, Sosa, and Wood.  After his 66 home run season, Sammy gets three cards....makes sense.

After his rookie of the year season and single game strike out record, Wood gets two cards including one showing his as a hitter....makes no sense.

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