Monday, September 1, 2014

One More for the 2014 Barney Rainbow

Though he's gone from the Cubs, I still have Darwin Barney cards to chase.

At the National, Topps released the mini set.  Along with the base card, there were a couple parallels.  Today I've got the pink mini.

These were /25.  If you look closely at the back, you can see that mine is...

...#15/25.  There are some player collectors that would go nuts over this because the card number matches the players uniform number.  I am not one of those collectors.  I've got dozens of numbered cards and this is only the second one that is #15.  In both cases, it just happened to be the card I bought.  I wasn't (nor never have) targeted the #15

This is card #21 for my Barney rainbow.  Back in July I somehow missed an orange factory set version, and so far that's the only one that has been on Ebay.  The orange and clear version from series one are the only others that I'm after (unless there is a parallel with the update set).

Here are the 21  cards that I've got:

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