Monday, September 22, 2014

Added Another Barney Card

Barney and the Dodgers were in town this past weekend, giving me a look at Darwin in the wrong blue.  He got a little playing time on Friday, when the Dodgers blew out the Cubs 14-5.  By the time he got into the game, most of the fans had already left the park.  When he came to the plate for the first time as an ex-Cub, there wasn't much of a response from the crowd.

I continue to add cards to the Barney collection.  Without any new ones to add, I instead am now filling parallel holes.  With his career path heading south, prices for his cards have done the same thing.

This is my latest pickup.  It's one of a ton of parallels to the 2007 USA Baseball set.  This one is a red autograph, jersey card.

It's my sixth card from the set.... I've also got the base card, foil base, blue autograph, red autograph, and black autograph/relic:


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  1. I like how they have the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty in front of the patch. Very nice addition.