Friday, September 5, 2014

Soler Autograph and Relic

I picked up both an autograph and relic card of Jorge Soler as soon as I heard that the Cubs were bringing him to the majors.  I'm glad I did.

His first major league at bat was a long home run and he hasn't let up yet.  He runs the bases aggressively but not recklessly.  Defensively he's made some great catches.

The guy just seems to be the real deal.  As a Cuban, there have been comparisons made to fellow countryman Puig.  Soler looks to have Puig-type talent without the Puig-type personality....a good thing.

With his strong debut, I don't see prices for his cards heading south anytime soon.  I'm glad I got in early.

Both of the cards I bought were from Bowman Inception.  Here's the card going into the autograph collection:

That's a nice, strong on-card autograph.

For the relic, I went with this...

also from Inception.  I didn't find any relic-only cards, so I went the dual route.  The autograph is a sticker...disappointing.  But since I had the autograph already taken care of, I can live with the sticker.

Now that I can cross him off of my autograph and relic checklist, I'm going to sit back and watch him do his thing and hopefully see the prices on his cards skyrocket due to his amazing success!

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