Saturday, September 13, 2014

2000 Finest Cubs

Topps added a new gimmick to the 2000 Finest set - numbered rookie cards.  Each of the two series has a 20-card rookie card subset.  The series one rookies are numbered to 2000 while series two were /3000.  For a Cub collector, that just means that I had to pay a bit more for cards of guys that should only be worth 18¢.

Luckily there were just three of these rookies to chase:


The rookie cards all have an orange tint to them.  That, plus the fact that they say Rookies on the front make them easy to spot....duh!  The /2000 or /3000 are on the back.

As far as the regular player go, there's nothing special here.


Finally, one Cub was included in the Gems subset,


The 2000 set was the last of the big Finest sets.  Going forward, no set would come close to matching the 287 cards in 2000.  In fact, no set since 2000 has cracked the 200 card mark.

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