Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 Topps Chrome Mr. Cub

In addition to the three-card base Cubs team set, I picked up one insert from this year's Topps Chrome...

...this chrome version of his 1954 rookie card. The card is a part of the 25-card All Time Rookies set.  I thought I read that these fell just one card per case, which should make them pretty rare.  Prices were not matching the supposed rarity, though.  I paid less than ten bucks for the card.

The card is not numbered, and I wonder if that is keeping the price down.  Whatever the reason, my wallet thanks you!

Back in February, I had a post that showed the different versions I own of Mr. Cub's rookie card.  This card now makes thirteen total in my collection, the actual rookie and twelve variations.


  1. Do you display all the versions of his rookie together, or do you parse them out by the year in which they were issued?

  2. I go by the year they were issued.

  3. Good ol' Topps, getting us to collect the same card over and over again. I'd like to think if I ever acquired the '52 Jackie Robinson that it would prevent me from hording the dozens of more recent versions. But probably not.