Friday, May 15, 2015

1964 Stand-Up Billy Williams

The Topps 1964 Stand-Up set is one of those oddballs that I've been curious about but I never really looked into it.  A shopping trip at COMC led me to Billy Williams' card and I bought it.

I was able to get it for an affordable price because part of the card is missing.  Here is what the full card looks like:

The yellow part that is missing from mine is supposed to be folded back so that the green and yellow make an inverted V stand and the player is left standing  up.  You can't find too many images of the actual cards in the stand-up position since that would decrease the value of the card.

The picture on the wax pack shows you what it would look like.

I suppose that my card went back and forth between the flat and stand-up positions and eventually the yellow part just separated at the perforations.

The entire set is made up of 77 cards.  Of those, 22 are short-prints.  Billy's card is one of the short-prints.  The SPs get really expensive, which is why I settled for the card I bought.

Ernie Banks is also on the checklist.  He's not on the short-print list, but his card is still pricey because he's Ernie Banks.  I'm going to have to be patient to get one at a price I'm comfortable with.

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