Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 Bowman Scout's Top 100 Cubs

In 2010 and 2011 it was Topps 100.  There was a break in 2012 and when it returned in 2013 a P and an S was missing - it was now Top 100.  That lasted for two years.  This year it has a new name, Scout's Top 100.

Eventually they'll find a name they like and stick with it for more than a couple years.

Five of the Scout's Top 100 prospects are Cubs property.  

He was in the Bowman prospects set, so I talked about him yesterday.  I've got nothing to add.

This is the guy I'm most interested in.  Most of Theo/Jed's touted prospects are position players.  Edwards is a pitcher and the Cubs still need lots of help on the hill.  Carl Fleming (I'd go with C.J. too!) is in AA this year.  He's 2-2 in four starts.

He was in the Bowman prospects set, so I talked about him yesterday.  I've got nothing to add.

#4 is now with the Cubs.  It still amazes me that the Cubs were able to get him from the A's for Jeff Samardzija.  Why did the A's give up on him?

#2 is living up to all the hype.  Very exciting times!!


  1. I don't think the A's gave up on Russell as much as they thought that Samardzija would help them enough to give them a chance to make a run. It's like that Doyle Alexander for John Smoltz trade back in 1988....or, maybe it is. Cubs fans can hope that it turns out that well for them.

  2. The amazing thing about the A's is that almost none of their key contributors are home grown (only exceptions are really Sony Gray & Jarrod Parker). Homegrown guys/former top prospects like Yoenis Cespedes, Addison Russell, Josh Donaldson, Michael Choice, Brad Peacock, Daniel Robertson, Grant Green are all gone. Although they did get top SS prospect Franklin Barreto from the Blue Jays in the Donaldson trade. Flags fly forever.

  3. Even with the A's, Jarrod Parker was traded to the A's from the Diamondbacks. And now Parker's career is in jeopardy after blowing out his elbow in a rehab start. I'm in agreement with Tony, Russell is likely just an expensive piece needed to get a starter to put the A's over the top. The Cubs weren't going anywhere literally or figuratively with Jeff S., so it was a presumed win-win for both sides. The Royals ended that trade in a hurry!