Sunday, May 17, 2015

Two More Inserts From 2006

Back in January I wrote several posts about all the Topps inserts I was adding to my collection.  On January 5, this post detailed the three inserts that I hadn't been able to find.

That number is now down to just one, as the two from 2006 have found their way into my collection.

This is the 2K6 Derrek Lee card.  Technically its not an insert because it didn't come in Topps packs.  This one came in boxes of the 2K6 video game.  Since it's part of a set of cards that were in wax packs, I'll still consider it an insert. My card came via COMC.  Each day for several months I would check to see if they had one (I bookmarked the page to make the search quick and easy) and eventually my patience paid off.

The other missing insert was also of Derrek Lee.  This one is a special Walmart only card.  It was among those issued in the second series.  The series one and update cards are plentiful but series two are scarce.  This is the only one I've seen on Ebay since December and I was lucky enough to get it.

So now I'm down to just one more insert...

...this 2000 Lance Johnson card.  There are several version of this, and most are a dime-a-dozen.  The one I'm after is much tougher.   The MIA card is for an insert set called 20th Century's Best and it is numbered to /117, which is the number of triples Johnson, the active career leader at the time, had in his career.

I suppose the fact that I'm after a /117 card is making it tougher to find.  The watching and waiting continues.

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