Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Official 2015 Cubs Schedule

I've already shown the preliminary Cubs 2015 schedule released over the winter, and the Cubs Convention version.


The official schedule comes out a little later, once all the network TV games have been set.  I called the Cubs a few weeks ago requesting some schedules and they sent them out within a week.

Here's what they sent:

The front is nearly identical to the Cubs Convention version.

But these so-called pocket schedules are getting a little too thick for your pocket.  The cover that you see is just one of 24 panels that make up the schedule.

Here are the 12 inside panels:

These things are so big that when unfolded, it's too large to fit on my scanner bed.  I had to do two scans and stitch them together.  This side lists all the promotional dates and other special events.  Notice that the first Friday Bleacher Event isn't until May 29.  The left and center field bleaches should be open by then.  Also notice the Cubs pushing the season ticket waiting list.  How optimistic!

Here's the other side.  I 'm showing it with both sides flipped so you can read everything. See how the actual game schedule uses only three of the 24 panels. These aren't really schedules any more, they are promotional brochures.

This is probably my final 2015 schedule.  In the past I also would have picked up WGN radio and WGN TV schedules.  But the Cubs have moved to WBBM radio and I haven't seen a WBBM schedule.  A TV schedule hasn't been seen either.  WGN didn't bother since they are broadcasting only 40 games this year.

I'll have more on the TV changes tomorrow.


  1. It seems sacrilegious that WGN didn't issue a schedule and has only 40 games.

  2. I finally broke down and bought the MLB tv package this year after 30+ years of just watching when they were on WGN. I wish it was a bit cheaper, but no regrets so far. Then again, the Cubs have been fun to watch this year, win or lose.