Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cards From Tom, Too, And A Big Mystery

Tom was nice enough to send me a Cubs scorecard.

But wait, there's more!

Not only did a scorecard come my way, but he sent some cards too.

Sandberg cards.  I've written several posts recently on my efforts to boost the Sandberg collection.  Tom helped me add a few more.

Several are already in the collection.  These doubles will be heading to the student birthday present box.


Here are a couple that are new to me.  The card on the left is the 1987 Action All Star card.  Ryno looks really young in that picture.  On the right is the 1990 Topps Magazine card.

And then there was this one...

 ...the mystery card.  It's a nice looking card, with three different pictures on the front.  You don't see that very often.  Based on the stats on the back, it would be safe to say that the cards is from 1991.

But that's all I know. There isn't any information on the origin of the card anywhere on the front or the back.  I did an Ebay search of any Sandberg 1991 card listed or sold and didn't see this one.  Nothing on COMC matched it either.

I'm stumped.  Anyone have any idea where it comes from?


  1. It's the 1991 Barry Colla Promo card for a 12 card mini set. The mini set can be found on e-bay for under $10.00

    1. Wow..thanks for the quick response!

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    1. Your daily post usually appear at 7:00am and I usually read them at 7:02am :)

  3. I actually had a poster of the "mystery card" hanging on my bedroom wall when I was growing up. I want to say the poster was an insert from a sports (card?) magazine.

    I'm glad you students will have a chance at the extra Rynos!