Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2007 Darwin Barney Elite

Darwin Barney was included in Donruss' 2007 Extra Editions.

This is his base card, which notes that he was drafted by the Cubs.  I've had this card for a few years now.  Just a couple weeks ago I picked up a couple parallels that I hadn't seen before.  

I usually check ebay and COMC pretty regularly for Barney cards.  For reasons I haven't figured out, I missed these.

Here's the first:

The card is a diecut parallel.  The black parts in the upper left and bottom right are cut out.  This red version is called "Status" and its /50.  I bought the card as soon as I could, having never seen one of these before.

Just a week later, this popped up...

...the blue version.  This is called "Aspirations" and it is /100.

How odd is that.... two parallels that I'd never seen before appear within a week of each other.  I did more digging to find the complete checklist for the set.  Turns out that each of these also have an autograph version. There is also a Gold Status that is /25.   I guess I'll have to keep a look our for them too.

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