Thursday, May 21, 2015

1978 Grand Slam Cubs Set

Here's a recent oddball pick-up, the Cubs from the 1978 Grand Slam set.  This was a one-and-done product put out by collector Jack Wallin.  The 200 card complete set features black and white pictures on the front and a player biography on the back.

These simple looking cards were used quite a bit for TTM autographs back when the set came out.  It would be much tougher to get any autographs on these today since most of the players can't sign from six feet deep.

The cards don't have any team designations on them, so putting a team set together is a subjective thing.  My set was listed on Ebay and included 15 cards.  Teamsets4u's checklist shows only 13 Cubs.


These eleven show are in my set and the Teamsets4u set.


These four were also in my set.  The Teamsets4u checklist puts Baumholtz, Lowery, and Sauer with the Reds and Stephenson with the Indians.  I think some of the confusion would be due to the fact that the Cubs were using a wishbone C on their hats that looks similar to one worn by both the Reds and the Indians.


Here are the two players (with pictures borrowed from Ebay) on the Teamsets4U list but not in my set.  Burgess is definitely wearing a Reds uniform.  Douthit played in just 27 games for the Cubs, so it seems pretty silly to include him as a Cub.  He's better placed on the Cardinals list, where nine years of his career were spent or the Reds (192 games played).

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