Monday, May 18, 2015

Added the 2015 Scorecard

My Cubs scorecard collection starts with 1947.  Since then, I've got at least one from each following year.  I had no intention of stopping that string.  I got some help from a fellow Cub fan and blogger to keep the streak.

Tom from Waiting Til Next Year wrote that he was going to the Cubs game at Wrigley on April 17.  Even better, it turned out to be the MLB debut of Kris Bryant.  I emailed Tom and asked if he'd be willing to pick up a scorecard for me.  I thought it would be cool to have Bryant's debut card in my collection.  Tom's a great guy (and a fellow teacher, too!) and he replied that he'd be happy to hook me up.

And he did!

The Cubs seem to be using several covers during the year. The opening series cover featured Ernie Banks.  This one has Jon Lester.  I suppose if I was a serious collector I'd get one of each cover.

But I'm not.  One per year is good enough for me.

One very disappointing thing, though.

The cards must be printed a few days ahead of the game and Bryant isn't on the roster.  Back in the day, the Cubs printed the cards at the ballpark and they were printed on the day of the game.  In fact, going waaay back, the cards had the starting lineup pre-printed.

Those days are long gone and I wonder how many of these the Cubs sell each game. You don't see very many people keeping score any more.  Why bother when you can get up-to-the second information on your smart phone.

 Will the day come when teams no longer sell scorecards?

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  1. My OCD would never allow me to be happy with just one cover. I'd either have to get them all, at great personal expense and anxiety, or none at all. I admire your self control. Do they do a new cover for each series, homestand or just rotate among four or so designs like the Twins do?

    Also, I regularly keep score. It makes me pay attention to the game. If I didn't, I'd find myself looking up to see the bases loaded and no idea how they all got there!