Friday, May 29, 2015

A Fantastic Resource is Gone

One of the difficulties of being a team collector is knowing which cards in a set belong to your team.  It's not too hard with modern Topps sets since Topps has been posting checklists on their website and the checklists include the players' team.

For older and oddball stuff, the task its much more difficult.  Though there are checklists available, most just list the player and the card numbers.  Team designations are missing.

Without a doubt, the best resource for team sets was  The website had hundreds of sets going back to the turn of the century broken down by teams.  The site was invaluable to me when I was putting my Cubs sets together. I used it not only for the checklists, but I also made several set purchases from the site.  I consulted it just a couple weeks back when I got the 1978 Grand Slam set.

A few days ago Nightowl had a couple tweets about Teamsets4u.  The news he shared was disturbing and disappointing.

This is what the homepage of the site looked like for years.  It wasn't flashy but it was practical.

Here is the team set checklist homepage.

And this is what the site looks like now.  It looks much more professional now.  But....

The team checklists are gone.  They are not a part of the new site.

And that stinks!

I know that the site is there to make sales.  But many people were introduced to the site because of the checklists.  I'm sure they drove plenty of traffic to the site.  Bloggers like myself mentioned the site, too, and they should have brought eyeballs and potential customers to the site.

That's all changed now.  A fantastic resource is gone.

I've got no good reason to go to the site any longer, and I can't see a reason to talk about it here any longer, either.

My only hope is that the checklists will reappear later; that they are just temporarily gone as the site transitions to the new setup.


  1. Have you written them to express your desire for the checklists to be a part of the new site? I know I've been to the site for the checklists in the past myself. The reason I suggest that is because I relied on photos from an online auction site. When they did a recent (unfortunate) redesign of their site, they removed every photo but the last one for all of their previous listings, and the last photo was always a tiny detail shot that was of no use to me. I called them and explained how much I relied on their old photos, how they can unintentionally created an online museum that many people relied on and how my use of their old pictures with photo credits drove a lot of traffic their way. In short order they restored all their pictures to their past listings, saving me from a nervous breakdown. There's one site I rely on that is run by an individual that will likely disappear some day with devastating effects on my ability to write my hockey blog. I'm dreading that already.

  2. I sent them an email, after I sent out those tweets, but I haven't heard back. I was going to post on this, too. My sets are gonna take a hit.

    1. I wrote to him as well as you know... this was the reply that I received; "I have not yet been able to get the checklist back on the site.
      But if you go to most of the items the checklist for the team set is in the listing. "

      that's it. I'm not really confident in their return after reading that.

  3. That sucks!!!! I got my needs for all the White Sox Topps flagships done, but man....need to build others.

    There are some pages cached by the Internet Wayback Machine:*/

    Hunt around and you may find some here and there.

  4. Yep, might just need to remove that site from my saved files.

  5. The checklist have been reloaded.

  6. YES!!! Just found this, thank you for reloading them!