Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 Update Cubs

My update set arrived yesterday. Since I had other more important things to do last night, I was just able to get them scanned and posted.






  1. Thank for posting the pics. I hadn't seen them yet and didn't know Jeimer had a card in the set until now. Very nice.

  2. Makes me wonder what they'll do with Jeimer given he's usually listed as a 3B, Bryant aint going anywhere unless he goes to left. But that puts Schwarbino without a spot if he's not the everyday catcher that Contreras looks to be. And what happens with Eloy Jimenez in a couple years...if Heyward doesn't snap out of it...? All the depth makes life so interesting!

  3. These look great. Wish there had been a Hendricks card and no offense to Schwarber but not sure he needed another one!