Saturday, October 1, 2016

Heritage High Number Clubhouse Collection

I've always chased the relics from two brands, and Heritage is one of the two.  They have had the Clubhouse Collection cards since the start and another round was included in the 2016 High Numbers.

These are the two Cubs cards.  I was able to pick these up for about five buck each.  Based on the bargain prices, it seems like collectors are growing tired of them and place little value on them.  Or maybe Topps is just making too many, which would also dent their value.

This is Rizzo's second Heritage relic....

...this is from the main set.  Is it really necessary for him to have two?

The Heyward card kills two birds with one stone, since this would meet my relic collection rule.  I can now add him to my list of 76 different Cubs with a relic card from a year they played for the Cubs, showing them as a Cub.

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  1. I would never complain about too man Rizzos! ha. But the two cards look way too similar (but I'll admit I bought both because cheap prices on eBay)