Friday, October 21, 2016

One More Win For the Pennant

One more win for the pennant.  I say this excitedly; I say it nervously.

As a Cub fan I have now been able to say it three times in my lifetime.

The first two times (1984 and 2003) did not turn out well.

Here's hoping (praying) that the third time's a charm.


  1. I'm pulling for the Cubs in this. For several reasons.
    1) Even though I have never considered myself a "Cubbies" fan, well maybe when I was a wee kid when I was a "fan" of almost all the teams, I prefer them over the Dodgers 90some% of the time.
    2) The Dodgers beat my Nationals in the NLDS this year so yeah I want to see them beaten in the NLCS this year.
    3) It is past time to put the Cubs WS drought to and End. It is also past time for the Nationals to beat DCs WS drought (1924 since a DC WS win, 1933 since last WS appearance). Yes I know the Nationals are NOT connected to the Senators of old (which technically would be the Twins Franchise, The Senators/Rangers Franchise didn't go to the WS when they were in DC) in anyway, but Hey its a DC Thing. I'm also a resident of Maryland not the District of Columbia, but am closer to DC than B'More. All this DC/WC stuff is another discussion.

  2. Scored tickets for Game #6... I know you were just there so if you have any tips that might help, then hit me up with an e-mail. We're taking public transportation to the ballpark from our hotel and have budgeted plenty of time.
    We're hoping to see history happen!