Monday, October 10, 2016

A Very Nice Weekend

The past few days have been good ones.

The Cubs took the first two games against the Giants and can close them out tonight.  Of course, any Cub fan my age can't get too confident with at 2-0 lead over a west coast team.  But at least game 5 would be back at Wrigley instead of an away game like in 1984.  I sure hope there is no game 5.  That would be good.

Also good is that on Saturday, #1 son got married.  I wrote a post about his first Cubs game here.  Just a short 31 years later he is now a married man.  Time flies!


  1. Congrats on #1 tying the knot AND go Cubs, go!

  2. Man, I hope the Cubs demolish the Giants! I was hoping it would end last night, but just like the Dodgers, the Cubs fall into the category of,"Nothing is ever easy."-Vin Scully