Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NLCS Game 1: A Couple Things I'd Change

I certainly wouldn't change the outcome of the game.  If Chapman hadn't blown the save we wouldn't have had Montero's grand slam.  Or even if we did, it wouldn't have meant as much.

But I've got two things I would change, and they are both because of MLB and their money grab.

Change #1 - The pace of the game.  The game was too long.  MLB keeps talking about ways to speed up the game, but they are the reason for the long games.  Between each inning there was a break of 2 minutes and 55 seconds.  Pitching changes lasted two minutes.  Those added up to nearly an hours worth of stoppage.  Shorten those and you shorten the game. But of course you would decrease commercial revenue, so you know that will never happen.

Change #2 - Let the teams publish their own programs and/or scorecards.  I was really looking forward to adding a postseason scorecard to my collection.. I bought the book as soon as I entered the park.  This is what I got:

A generic MLB program that cost ten bucks.  It will be the same book at Wrigley as at Dodger Stadium.  How expensive and boring.  Again, I know that MLB will not do away with the revenue from the book, but what a shame that I can't have a Wrigley Field scorecard.  The NLDS has Cubs produced cards, but from the NLCS and up, MLB takes over.  Too bad.


  1. I can agree with #2. This generic look of everything kills the fun of the game.

  2. I agree with #1. I think the 1-0 ballgame the other night was timed at 2:45, which is too long for a game that only had about a dozen base runners total. (Oh, and that's without Pedro Baez pitching.)
    You're right, it's about making money so they'll ever shorten up the commercial breaks during playoff baseball.

  3. Completely agree with both. The thing I always wondered about #1...if MLB shortened the break by having fewer commercials, wouldn't the supply/demand aspect mean they could charge more per spot? And, if more people watched shorter games...couldn't they change even more? Wouldn't that end up a net gain?

    The generic scorecards are beyond annoying. I stopped buying them pretty quickly.