Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Moving On...Barely

EThat had to be the scariest 3 games to 1 series win in a while.

I must admit that I was not feeling very good as the game moved into the ninth.  But 30 minutes, four runs, and five Giants pitchers later, my mood had changed.  And when Chapman struck out the side to end the game, I was thrilled.

Two NLCS appearances in two consecutive years in unprecedented for Chicago baseball.  The Cubs have home field, too.  And with the Dodgers and Nationals having to play a game five, their pitching should be thin while the Cubs staff is raring and ready to go.

I'm hoping for a reversal of the results of last year's NLCS.

I've got to show a card, so here's what I've picked:

...Javier Baez making a play.  He had another outstanding play at second base and then he drove home the winning run in the ninth....not a bad day's work!


  1. Congrats on the win. Monday's game gave me an inkling of hope, but I was pretty sure we wouldn't get past you guys. Then again, I didn't think we'd make it all the way in 2014 either, so ya never know how this bonkers game works out sometimes. Rooting for the Cubs here on out!

  2. I have that weird feeling like I did last year where beating the Cardinals felt like winning the pennant, and the Mets were just in the way. Either team - LA or WASH - just seems in the way. And Daniel 'Freakin' Murphy is lurking...

  3. The Dodgers' pitching has been thin all year, they're plenty used to it.