Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Post-Season Nightmare

The Blue Jays won on Tuesday night and they are moving on.

Here is my post-season nightmare...

The Cubs and the Blue Jays have won their respective pennants and are in the World Series.  It's a close series and is tied at three games each.

Gave seven is a nail biter.  The Cubs take a one run lead in the top of the ninth on a Kris Bryant home run.  Aroldis Chapman comes in to seal the deal.  He strikes out the first two Jays on six pitches.  Chicago is on out away.

A bit of wildness leads to a walk of the next batter.  The Jays go to their bench for a pinch hitter.  And up to the plate steps...

Darwin Barney.  Sitting on a fast ball, Barney crushes Chapman's first pitch for a walk off, series winning home run.

My worst nightmare.... the Cubs done in by Darwin Barney.

Do I now burn my Barney collection??


  1. Well, I don't think you burn the collection as Barney's collecting upside would never be higher. Recomp some of that collection gold and send a big box of joy to Canada.
    Let's just hope that never, ever happens.

  2. You, my friend, have quite the imagination!
    But if it happens I would sell all of your Venezuelan backs, make a huge profit and burn the rest.

  3. Yes, (afterall it's not my collection)